Fiber Laser Welder A150

Product Characteristics:
01 High wall-plug efficiency
02 High power with Excellent beam quality
03 High reliability, long service life, maintenance free
04 All fiber structure, compact, rugged package05 Multiple anti-high-reflection

Product Description

Product Category: 0.8-1.5kw fiber laser

Description: A series high-power single-mode continuous-wave fiber laser is developed and produced by Reci Laser. The average power exceeds 1000W with single resonant cavity and single-mode beam quality by solving the obstacle of transverse mode instability (TMI), stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) and poor beam quality. This series products can be widely used in fine cutting, metal welding, surface treatment, 3D printing and rapid prototyping, due to the high average power, multiple anti-high-reflection, high beam quality, and high electro-optic conversion efficiency.

Product parameters



Limit output power (W)(At the current of 19A)


Max.output power (W)(the current is 225A)


Operating Mode

24h  continous  working

Power Range(%)


Central Wavelength(nm)


Power instability during continuous operation (%)(Initial power and power after 1 hour of operation)


Power instability under different operating conditions (%)(Environmental temperature 0 C and 40 C )


Max.Modulation Frequency (kHz)


Delivery Fiber Length (m)

Standard 5m or 10m customizable

Operating Voltage (VAC)

AC 220V 50/60Hz

Red Laser power (mW)


Power Consumption(W)


Control Model


Ambient Humidity(%)


Ambient Temperature (C)


Cooling Method

Air cooling

Size W*H*D(mm³)




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